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About MindKraft 2k16

MINDKRAFT!! The symposium where both art and technicality meet! Conducted on an annual basis, Karunya’s own Techno Management fest is a journey of thousand miles, a journey striving for betterness. This brain child of Karunya incorporates students from reputed engineering colleges and technology institutes of India on a national basis.

The saga of Mindkraft started from 2007 and is still growing over the years. Mindkraft ’07 opened the account with the message, “To live what you learn”. It brought the Chancellor’s vision of upholding humanity with technical brilliance. Presided over by the Secretary, Science and Technology, Tamil Nadu, Mindkraft ’08 turned out to be the second edition. Adding more shades to the continued tradition of Mindkraft, an Air Show was hosted by the Indian Air Force Team in 2010.

Being the real eye catcher, Mindkraft ’11 showcased “The Hamlet Street” and the beginning of the Kraftnite, with the first ever “Battle of the Bands”. Mindkraft ’12 encompassed with mind boggling events under different categories attracted enthusiastic participants from all over the country. Re-strengthening the vision and mission of Karunya, Mindkraft ’13 kicked off with the theme “Coz of every human matters”.

“Evolution of Technology”, the theme of Mindkraft ’14 was inspired by the impact that technology has on society. Like its previous editions, Mindkraft ’15 paved the ground for the innovators of tomorrow with the tagline, “Ignite to Innovate’.Digital India, to develop a digitally empowered society and to digitally integrate the citizens of India is the motif of the most awaited Mindkraft ’16.

The time has ComeMeet you at Kraftnite :)

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MindKraft 2K16

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MindKraft 2K16 Event Coordinators

Meet Our Active Co-ordinators of MindKraft 2K16.

  • Staff Coordinator

    Dr. Jibu Thomas
    Email : [email protected]
    Phno : 9443017893

  • Staff Coordinator

    Dr.T Anita Jones
    Email : [email protected]
    Phno : 9486035319

Registration Fee is Rs.250/-

For Karunya University students the entry fee will be deducted automatically from mykarunya account after the registration is made.

The external partiipants can pay the registration fee at the registration desk on the first day of the event and recieve their ID cards before participation.

Registration Problems ?
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Contact us to retrieve your password.

Mr. Ab1y0u+h
III B.Tech (CSE)
[email protected]

Mr. Muthu Kumaran
III B.Tech (CSE)
[email protected]

Need to be payed at the registration desk.

Once an event is registered it can't be unregistered.

*Boys Hostel - Food cost - Rs.150 per day and lodging free.
*Girls Hostel - Food cost - Rs.150 per day and lodging free.
Bethesdha Dormitory - Lodging cost Rs.100 per day and food at extra cost.
**Guest Houst Annexure - Lodging cost Rs.250 per day and food at extra cost.
**Guest House -Lodging Rs.2000 per day and food at extra cost.

* - Bring necessay lodging materials
** - Room sharing can be done

For any queries related to accomodation please contact,

Dr.Anand, AP/Civil

Mr. D.Emmanuel Sam Franklin, AP/Mechanical
Email: [email protected]
Phno: 9842569659

Ms. Jebarani Evangeline, AP/EEE
Email: [email protected]

Only Karunya University students are allowed to participate in games.

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